Adam has been going to nursery class at church for four months now.  I use the term "going" very loosely because he has been sick a lot in those four months and has stayed home or when he has been there he won't stay if Dan or I don't stay in sight.  Regardless he is getting to be such a big boy!  His newest tricks are to help me unload the dishwasher, put clothes in the dryer, put lotion on, and sit on the potty.  He mimics like crazy which usually is hilarious but it also has made me more aware of what I do and say.  This morning he watched Dan put lotion on his face and then held his hands out to me like he wanted some.  He puts lotion on regularly so I expected him to rub his hands together.  But no, he put both lotion-y hands directly on his face just like daddy did.  He puts his leg up on the shower ledge and "shaves" with the squeegee.  Last night we were watching tv and Adam walked towards me squinting his eyes.  I realized I was squinting my eyes because I didn't have my glasses on.  I'm figuring out more and more of what he is saying everyday.  It is so cute to hear his little voice saying "mama" when he wakes up or when he looking for me around the house. 


First time bowling


Toddler bowling should only be 5 frames/rounds/whatever they called instead of 10.  Adam liked it but quickly caught on that when he rolled the ball down the little "hill" that no one else used, it didn't have the same affect as when dad took his turn.  He decided that laying on his belly watching the senior citizens bowl was much more exciting.  I just thought it was pretty adorable that there are bowling shoes his size.

Breakfast is for Champions

Merry Christmas...3 Weeks Ago

I have no excuse for my absence on here.  We had a wonderfully fun and snowy Christmas in Colorado and I'm sure Adam is getting bigger by the minute.  He was in heaven playing with his cousins all day long.  I stumbled upon him playing fusbol with Henry (!) one morning.

Santa brought him a train track, real-looking golf clubs, books, a stuffed animal puppy, and diggers.  He giggled with delight opening presents knowing that he was going to get a new toy.  He made the magic of Christmas for me this year.

One of my highlights was getting to go skiing. I've been snowboarding for years but took a ski lesson last year with my cousin Astrid and got to finally go again.  I love it!



Diggers are no doubt Adam's favorite thing right now.  It is the first thing he looks for out his window in the morning and all he looks for when we are driving.  It is the last thing we read about before bedtime.  Luckily we are in a new neighborhood where he gets to see them often.  I really hope all the construction workers we stalk know that this is Adam's obsession and not mine.  He is going to be a happy boy at Christmas...but shhh don't tell!


20 Months

Holy moly Adam is getting so close to being 2!  That is just crazy talk.  Here is the little man doing his thing.

Adam switched to one nap a day for probably over a month now.  This last week we finally fell into a normal daily routine where he will nap from 12:30 to 3:30 and sleep about 7 to 7 at night.  If he doesn't get his sleep he is a little grizzly bear.  He wants to be very independent already: throwing his diaper out in the outside trash can all by himself, turning the lights on all by himself even though he barely reaches on his tippy toes, walking up the stairs by himself, and he desperately wants to walk downstairs without holding onto anything all by himself but can't quite yet.  So then he has a tantrum.  The tantrums have definitely begun.  I just walk away and when he wants to cuddle and held nicely (which is usually pretty quickly) he will come over to me.  He loves anything electronic and with buttons.  He loves emptying every drawer and cabinet and we finally gave in and put some locks on the knives and scissors drawer.  He loves to play the guitar and "sing".  He loves the story of David and Goliath- such a little boy...that is the only scripture story he will listen to :)  He is still working on liking nursery at church.  He loves taking baths and showers.  He is a handful at times but makes us laugh so much and makes us so much happier than I could have ever known.  




Festival of Trees

We had a family date to The Festival of Trees last night.  I went last year for the first time and had to go again this year to see the gingerbread houses.  They are amazing!  Here are our favorites:

Hogwarts with Hermione, Harry, and Ron

Rapunzel's Tower: the stones are yogurt covered raisins- brilliant!

Our very favorite- The Shire from Lord of the Rings...so awesome!


Happy Thanksgiving

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the first time this year and it was so fun.  Dan's parents came from Connecticut and his sister Kim, hubby Matt, and baby Paxton came from Oklahoma.  Here are a bunch of pictures but to quickly sum up our holiday we went swimming at the hotel, ate a yummy Thanksgiving feast after the smoke detector went off 3 times, I had fun setting the table, saw Skyfall, ate at Rumbis and Tucanos, had a fun game night, shopped at the new outlets, went to Scheels, and we loved watching Adam and Paxton together.

I felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude this year for my little family.  It is so fun (and sometimes challenging) to watch Adam become his own little person.  It is always fun to watch Dan as a father.  I am so thankful for both of them and that I get to share everyday with them.  I hope ya'll had a great holiday too! 'Tis the season to get fat :)  Bring on the Christmas treats now :)


It's been a while

I lost the charger to my camera battery so I haven't been able to upload pictures lately.  I also am just lazy.  We have pictures on my phone, Dan's phone, our iPad, and my nice camera.  It is so convenient having so many "cameras" but yet so inconvenient, you know?  Anyway I came across these photos from October and I was reminded of what a beautiful world we live in.  The first in in Grand Junction, Colorado and the others are in American Fork Canyon.